Off-chain trade settlement [OTS]

Status: Dirty prototype.

Among the many challenges plaguing the on-chain decentralized financial services, the risk of front-running attacks, expensive transaction costs, high trade failure rates, & high-latency in trade confirmations threaten the investor interest, service longevity and profitability of the decentralized finance.

OTS protocol connects liquidity seeker(s)[hereafter, LS] with that of the liquidity provider(s)[hereafter, LP] autonomously, off-chain; facilitating multi-chain liquidity swaps, and trade settlements. To facilitate the autonomous exchange of tokens, an OTS participant must provide proof-of-funds. OTS is implemented on both Binance smart chain, and Ethereum. In the next section, we provide a functional overview of OTS protocol. OTS powers Omniswap, a multi-chain near instant token swap service by Open.

OTS protocol participants

  1. Liquidity seeker [LS].

  2. Liquidity provider[LP].

  3. Protocol enabler[Open].